Grist Mill Lake

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48 Acres @ $299 K

Grist Mill Lake is a private lake of 15+ acres

fed by Frying Pan Creek and is a portion of a 

48 acre tract of exceptional land. Bordered by stately

hardwoods and native wildflowers, this picturesque

lake has excellent fishing and is perfect for kayaking

and canoeing. With easy walking trails and over a

mile of creek frontage, this is an ideal property for

all nature enthusiasts. 


An array of wildlife chooses to reside here. Daily,

Canadian geese and various types of ducks enjoy the

tranquil setting of the lake. A family of beavers

has established its lodge on the far shore, and

otters play in the cool water. Songbirds abound,

filling the air with their melodious voices. Herons

and egrets stalk the shallow water, searching for

tasty meals. Fish and turtles frequent the lake's various

depths. Many small animals, such as chipmunks and

squirrels, dart about, and the occasional deer, bobcat,

and bear travel through the premises. A majestic pair

of eagles oversees it all, soaring into the clear sky

or perching in lofty branches.


Having off-the-grid characteristics, the property includes

a newly remodeled cinder-block cottage with 12-inch

thick walls, complete with moisture barriers. The

  renovations include warm pine tongue and groove

boards, both inside and out, and all new windows with

low-E, high performance glass. A fully redesigned water

 system now supplies the house with gravity-fed spring

water at a rate of 10 gallons per minute. A water

pump with modern upgrades guarantees 

a powerful, continual water flow. 


Along with the gravity water, the property boasts

a multitude of other off-the-grid possibilities.   

Certain fruit trees are already established here: paw paws,

persimmons, crab apples, and maiden blush apples.

The nuts from black walnut and hickory trees provide

food for humans and wildlife alike. The sandy loam

is optimal for homegardening, an orchard, and

even a nursery. With Frying Pan Creek running

through the bottom land and with the other

rich water sources on the site, there is an

excellent opportunity for irrigation.

Potential hydropower options are also present.


Grist Mill Lake can be found off Route 29 and then off

Route 40. It is 7 miles from the town of Gretna, Virginia

and is 17.4 miles from Smith Mountain Lake State Park.

The residence has easy accessibility to hardtop road

frontage. This special piece of property is

a supreme investment!


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A family of beavers has built its sturdy lodge on the edge of the lake.
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