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July 4, 2019    Franklin 

Blue, red, and white!  What a display today of the patriotic colors!  Bluebirds really know how to flash their charm in the bright morning sun.

Amazingly, a pair of bluebirds has already nested in the box we put on the old cedar tree a couple of months ago.  Most of the time a birdhouse has to weather, sometimes for up to a year, before birds will even begin to nest there.  It was such a delight today to notice both parents going in and out of the box, obviously taking in insects for hungry youngsters.

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 FLOYD COUNTY  VA 53ac @ $239k   SOLD!!!

    Mature Timber





Just-completed timber cruise

Highly desirable red oak and poplar

Average diameter is 24 inches at chest height!

with some as large as 48 inches!


   53ac NOW AT $239k  SOLD !!




Exquisite Mountain Property!




Panoramic Views,

Bold Stream, Springs,

Building Sites,

Lots of Road Frontage,

Possible to Divide





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"Grist Mill Lake" 

 15 AC LAKE ON 48 AC  Land


A Rare Find!


$269K     SOLD  !!!




                                                          Floyd Co

                             SOLD      !!!  "Owl Hollow"

                                            33ac with  Log Cabin


                                              Click for video!





"Buckingham County"

SOLD  !!  "Slate River Trails"

45ac @ $109k   and/or  30ac @ $75k

BUY BOTH--75AC @ $175K  with 1500' River Frontage



(click here for video)










 "Buffalo Creek Retreat"    SOLD !!!


             280ac  @  $389k           










                         "Lake Ivy"


           89AC for $169k  SOLD!!


  Privacy / click for Video






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NEW!!!  "Sycamore Creek"


                    27ac @ $45k  SOLD !!!!










 " Springwater Retreat"   SOLD!!!                                                  




                      100+ac @ $179k




      click     VIDEO !!!








                                    (email us)














 "Buckingham County" 


                                   Dixie Hill  SOLD!!!


               59ac  for  $110k








               "Halifax County"     SOLD!!!

          22ac for $45k


 Lots of Hardtop Rd Frontage






     Grist Mill Lake

 $269k  SOLD !!!

                                                            15 AC LAKE ON 48 AC  Land

                                             WITH  COTTAGE !!   



Check out our new blog Trail Medley Blog

for unique observations about nature!

(Blue Icon to Left of Picture Above)


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